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Jesse Enkamp at the Weng Gong Ci

Jesse Enkamp, the Karate Nerd, well-known to Karate enthusiasts for his blog and website “karatebyjesse” paid a visit to the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym. Initially having been told that Karate was Japanese (by the Europeans), then Okinawan (by the Japanese), and finally that it is of Chinese origin (by the masters of Okinawa), Jesse […]


On March, 19 Pan Chengmiao, head of the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym, our honorable Master and mentor passed away after a short, serious illness. His heritage will live on through the wonderful art of Yongchun Bai He Quan, but he will be missed sadly.

Visit to Master Pan

At the beginning of this week, Abbot Chang Ding of the Southern Shaolin Monastery (Province of Fujian) travelled to Yongchun to express his sympathy and sincere good wishes to the honorable Master Pan Chengmiao. Hereafter Abbot Chang Ding also visited the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym; this gym had been directed by Master Pan for […]

【文化遗产在福建】永春白鹤拳:薪火相传 生生不息

  翁公祠武术馆副馆长潘琼琪在演示白鹤拳。新华网 王雄 摄 新华网福州8月5日电(王雄)“手抬高点,两眼平视,掌心朝前,同时呼气。”8月3日,在福建永春县五里街镇的一条古巷内,翁公祠武术馆副馆长、永春白鹤拳传承人潘琼琪不厌其烦地纠正学员们的动作。 成立于1928年的永春翁公祠武术馆不断发展壮大,每年教授学员上百人,主要传习永春白鹤拳。今年暑假,武馆招收了30名学员,大都来自永春本地及泉州、厦门、漳州等周边城市,其中年龄最大的34岁,最小的5岁。 “永春白鹤拳蜚声海内外,每年有不少洋弟子慕名到武馆来学习。”潘琼琪说,他的父亲潘成庙是翁公祠武术馆馆长,曾经到新加坡、俄罗斯、英国、德国、法国、西班牙等地教授白鹤拳。目前,翁公祠武术馆在新加坡、马来西亚、俄罗斯和德国都成立了分馆。 永春白鹤拳又名永春拳,是清康熙年间在福建发展起来的拳术之一。经过300多年的发展,白鹤拳已远播世界五大洲80多个国家和地区。2008年6月,永春白鹤拳被列入国家级非物质文化遗产名录,成为中华武术文化的瑰宝。

Yongchun – the city of White Cranes

Ein 138 Meter langes Web-Bild Eine 7köpfige Delegation des CCTV 10, zuständig für die Serie “Erforschen und Entdecken”, reiste vom 17.-26.04. nach Yongchun zur Produktion einer Dokumentation über Webbilder, Baihe Quan und anderes mehr. Sie besuchten unter anderem auch das Weng Gong Ci Wushu Guan sowie die Holzbrücke, die am Ufer des Taoxi-Flusses im neueren […]

Travelling to Yongchun

German Department of the Weng Gong Ci is travelling to Yongchun During the oncoming easter vacation a group of our students will again travel to Yongchun, Fujian province, China. This is the 11th time for us to go and train at the Weng Gong Ci Martial Club with Master Pan Cheng Miao and his son […]

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