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about Pan Qiongqi


  • vice-head of the Weng Gong Ci martial school
  • member of the 14th Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultation Conference, County of Yongchun
  • member of the Chinese Martial Arts Federation, the Martial Arts Federation of Fujian         Province and the Permanent Committee of the Martial Arts Federation of Quanzhou
  • Member of the “Chinese Counsel for Research on Baihequan” as well as the Martial Arts Organization City of Yongchun
  • Fujian Province licenced Coach
  • 8th Duan Baihequan
  • 2nd grade licenced referee
  • from childhood on student of his father Pan Chengmiao (see about Pan Chengmiao)
  • successful participant in various national and international competitions since 1984
  • assigned Baihequan teacher for primary schools and nursery schools in Yongchun
  • appointed person in charge of the National Department of Sports, County Yongchun
  • participant in numerous regional and nationwide reportages, among them the CCTV         production “Discovering Chinese Martial Arts”
  • participant of the International Martial Arts Demonstration, London, August 2007
  • participant of several exchange meetings in Taiwan
  • supervision of groups from Germany, Japan, England, Russia and Spain


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