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Open Seminars

Open Seminars are hold in different Countrys in Europe. Open Seminars gives you a chance to get into the Yongchun White Crane Style and train with White Crane Masters who are part of the Weng Gong Ci Wushu Guan and where students of Master Pan Cheng Miao in Yongchun.
The Seminars are hold four times a year which gives you a chance to plan your time and going forward to study the Yongchun White Crane Style.

Goody: We are going once a year to train in China and participants of the seminars are get the oppertunity to come with us to China and train at the original places in Yongchun. You will never forget this experiences.

Germany in 2020:
Sunday: 11 am to 2pm (3 hours)
January: 26.01.2020
Theme: Kata San Zhan (Introduction and Principals)

Seminar-Fee: Members 15€, otherwise 30€

Spain in 2019:

Russia in 2019:

Scotland in 2019:

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