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Yongchun White Crane Seminar with Haki Celikkol

Emmerich-Vrasselt, Karate TV-Jahn: Great Seminar with Haki Celikkol (6th Dan and official representative of the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym, Yongchun, China) in Emmerich-Vrasselt on Saturday, 14th October. 21 Participants didn’t want to miss this experience – and an experience it was indeed! Yongchun Bai He Quan or Yongchun White Crane is the root and […]

Birthday of Fang Qin Niang in Yongchun

17th of july is Lady Fangqi Niang’ s birthday – a day for celebration and paying homage to the founder of Yongchun White Crane. As usual, offerings such as fruit and money are presented – here during a ceremony at the Weng Gong Ci. This was also a great day for four students who have […]

Yongchun White Crane teaching in a karate teacher seminar

In the course of the Karate teacher seminar of the German Dan Academy under the direction of Axel Binhack, Werner Kottig from the Karate Gronau eV took over a teaching unit and gave the other participants an introduction to the combat art of the White Crane from Yongchun. Werner Kottig, himself a participant in karate teacher […]

To go on vacation in Yongchun

Nine members of the Gronau and Ahaus Karate Club are currently staying in China. For two weeks they will be training White Crane Kung Fu with Master Pan Chengmiao in Yongchun/Fujian Province (South China), at the oldest Club in town, the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym (est. 1928). The White Crane System is widespread throughout […]

TV report in Chinese television

Ergebnis einer riesigen Herausforderung: seit Anfang 2012 wurde gesammelt, übersetzt, analysiert, systematisiert und geordnet. Aus den gesamten Dokumenten, die uns die Familie Pan zur Verfügung stellte, der praktischen Lehre und den umfänglichen mündlichen Erläuterungen haben Haki Celikkol und Pan Qiongqi gemeinsam mit Judith Weiter die 400jährige mündliche Tradition des White Crane in der Lehre der […]

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