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about Pan Chengmiao


  • head of the Weng Gong Ci Martial School, Vice Head of the Martial Arts Federation of     Quanzhou as well as the City and County of Yongchun
  • 9th Duan Wuzuquan and Yongchun Baihequan
  • from childhood on student of his father Pan Xiaode (see about Pan Xiaode)
  • successful participant in various martial meetings and in uncounted competitions
  • 1993 by order of the local government sent to Singapore for teaching and advertising       purposes
  • participant in numerous regional and nationwide reportages, among them the CCTV         production “Discovering Chinese Martial Arts”
  • participant of the International Martial Arts Demonstration, London, August 2007
  • organizer and host of all kinds of martial arts meetings, of national and international           exchanges
  • numerous visits to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, England, Spain, Germany and Russia
  • exchanges with Israel, France, US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russa etc.
  • registered in the “National List of Martial Artists” of the People’s Republic of China
  • holder of the “Lion-Medal” for his research
  • honored by the government of Fujian Province for his research
  • 1988-2003 permanent member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultation        Conference, County of Yongchun
  • 1990 until today member of the Yongchun County Committee of the Communist Party      and supervisor of the Honest and Industrious Government Functionaries
  • 2011 appointed “Person to preserve and pass on the non-material cultural heritage of Yongchun Baihequan”

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