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Yongchun White Crane Seminar in Emmerich (Germany)

Workshop with Haki Celikkol, 14.October 2017, 11:00 – 15:00

Okinawan literature calls the White Crane System the origin of all existing Karate styles. It is found in various versions that share the same principles.

Whatever style of Karate a person practices: he or she can train White Crane and will not learn something completely new, but rather something that will transform and widen his knowledge and understanding.

Yongchun White Crane contains everything a student of Karate needs to convert the Karate techniques into creative application. Even unfamiliar movements will soon unfold there full capability during practice.

Yongchun White Crane is neither a hard nor a soft style. Like all the southern Chinese styles it specializes in short range fighting. The techniques are very flexible and adaptable to any fighting situation and strategy. Power is transmitted through the joints which have to be completely relaxed to allow energy flow; this can be acquired only by adequate breathing.

Yongchun White Crane training emphasizes the ability to produce energy, to store it and lead it – within your own body and beyond. This energy is called man Qi . Moreover it strengthens muscles, tendons and joints; the body becomes more powerful. Strength in Chinese is called Li . Li and Qi together make Jin , which can be translated as power or fighting power.

The seminar will show about 72 basic techniques/108 movements; the first form San Zhan will be taught.

Date: Saturday 14th October 2017, 11:00-15:00 hours; fee: 45€

Place: Emmerich-Vrasselt, Dreikönige

Contact Information: Theo van Kempen; Mail:; Tel.: +49160/5011602

Kontakt: Theo van Kempen; Mail:; Tel.: 0160/5011602

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