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To go on vacation in Yongchun

Nine members of the Gronau and Ahaus Karate Club are currently staying in China. For two weeks they will be training White Crane Kung Fu with Master Pan Chengmiao in Yongchun/Fujian Province (South China), at the oldest Club in town, the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym (est. 1928). The White Crane System is widespread throughout south-east Asia, and it is the origin of all existing Karate-Styles.

Apart from training six hours per day, cultivating social/private contacts is also very important: for some of us this is the 10th visit to Yongchun already. In this remote place Europeans are still rare and thus being invited to present their skills on different occasions. More on

Updated: 26. April 2017 — 10:21
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